Golfer's Fracture (Hamate fractures)

The hamate is a bone on the ulnar aspect of the wrist and underneath the little finger. The hamate has protuberance into the palm called the hook of the hamate and it is this part of the hamate that is most commonly fractured (classically in golfers as they attempt to strike the ball but miss!). The fracture presents with ulnar  pain (pain at the heel of the hand), swelling and can occasionally cause numbness and tingling in the little and ring  fingers due to the proximity of the ulnar nerve in Guyon’ s canal.

XRs do not always show a hamate fracture and a CT scan is usually needed to diagnose it.

Treatment is usually non-operative. Occasionally the hook of hamate fracture does not heal but fortunately this often asymptomatic. If it were to be painful then simple excision usually suffices.

Rarer higher energy fractures through the body of the hamate are sustained (road traffic accidents) and can be associated with instability. These do often require surgical stabilisation. Your surgeon will discuss this with you.