Hand Fractures

LENOVO-PC - xrhand3Hand fractures are common injuries often sustained during falls, sporting activities and also punching.

The metacarpal neck fracture ( boxer’s fracture) is one of the commonest hand fractures seen. Fortunately the vast majority do not require surgery. However this does not mean that no treatment is needed: neighbour strapping, elevation, reduction of swelling and encouragement of early mobilisation are recommended. This is achieved via patient education and hand therapy.

Occasionally surgery is required. The main indication for surgery is rotational deformity whereby the fracture is so displaced that the fingers do not point in the right direction and on making a fist the fingers cross over or scissor. Your surgeon will assess for this.

Whether surgery is performed or not the aim of treatment is to encourage early range of motion, return to hand function and dexterity and avoidance of complications such as stiffness.