Xiapex (Collagenase Injections)

Collagenase clostridium histolyticum is an enzyme that can be injected into the Dupuytren’s cords thus weakening them. After having the injection, you’ll be monitored for around half an hour and then you can go home. You return to your doctor 24 hours later and a manipulation is performed which enables straightening of the finger.

This cord is snapped and this should help to increase the range of movement in your bent finger. Don’t attempt to straighten your finger yourself within the first 24 hours, or squeeze or press the cord. Keeping your finger bent encourages the injected medicine to stay in the cord, which is where it needs to be. It also helps to keep the hand elevated to reduce swelling and prevent the medication leaking out. If the first injection isn’t effective, you can have up to three injections in the same cord, with one month between each injection.

The most common side effects occur around the site of the injection and include:  swelling, itching, bruising, discolouration of skin caused by bleeding, pain. These should improve within a week or two. Less common side effects include feeling sick or dizzy. There is a very rare incidence of tendon rupture. The long-term effects of collagenase clostridium histolyticum are unknown.